Other publications

Assesment of commercial software for simulation of chaotic electrokinetic phenomena.

E. Karatay, C. L. Druzgalski, A. Mani

Annual Research Briefs, Center for Turbulence Research, Stanford University (2014).​​

Microfluidic studies of interfacial transport.

E. Karatay

Doctoral thesis. University of Twente (2013).

Effect of preparation and operation parameters on the performance of polyethersulfone based

mixed matrix gas separation membranes. 

E. Karatay

Master of Science thesis. Middle East Technical University (2009).

Peer reviewed journal publications

On the coupling between buoyancy forces and electroconvective instability near ion-selective surfaces. 

E. Karatay, M. Wessling, A. Mani

In preparation (2015).

Screening of low molecular weight additives for PES based ternary mixed matrix gas separation membranes.

E. Karatay, L. Yilmaz, H. Kalipcilar

Submitted (2015).

Simulation of chaotic electrokinetic transport: Performance of commercial software versus custom-built direct numerical simulation codes.

E. Karatay, C. L. Druzgalski, A. Mani

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2015), 446, pp. 67-76.

Rate of gas absorption on a slippery bubble mattress.
E. Karatay, P. A. Tsai, and R. G. H. Lammertink
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Momentum and mass transport over a bubble mattress: The influence of interface geometry.
A. S. Haase, E. Karatay, P. A. Tsai, and R. G. H. Lammertink
Soft Matter (2013), 9, 8949.

Control of Slippage with Tunable Bubble Mattresses.
E. Karatay, A. S. Haase, C. W. Visser, C. Sun, D. Lohse, P. A. Tsai, and R. G. H. Lammertink
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Oxygenation by a superhydrophobic slip G/L contactor.

E. Karatay, R. G. H. Lammertink

Lab on a chip (2012) 12, pp.~2922-2929.

Laser-Induced Nanoscale Superhydrophobic Structures on Metal Surfaces.  

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Preparation and performance assessment of binary and ternary PES-SAPO 34-HMA based gas separation membranes.

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Journal of Membrane Science (2010), 364, pp. 75–81.